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Gary Wright has been doing building and pest inspections for almost 20 years. Services offered include pre-purchase inspection, construction handover inspection, and termite inspection.
The risk of 'missing something' during an inspection is simply too damaging. Choose my experience instead of saving a few dollars, and you'll sleep well for years to come.

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Building and pest inspection Brisbane - About

There are three occassions on which people call a building and pest inspector - first, and most common, is when they're buying a new home. It's a standard contract condition to state that a purchase is subject to a building and pest inspection, and during that condition time I get the call to go to the house and inspect whether it has pest/termite problems or damage, and whether it's structurally sound, and give an opinion as to the general condition of the home, and whether there is anything significant that requires attention or repair. The second most common time people will call me is during the construction of their new home. Typically, the contract with their home builder will give them the opportunity to have an independent licensed inspector, such as myself, attend at the construction site and prepare a report for the homeowner as to the suitability of the work that has been performed, and to judge whether it's in compliance with relevant building codes and local council requirements. These inspections are typiclly more lengthy and detailed, and it would not be unusual for me to be onsite for an entire day or more, as is required to do a thorough inspection. Thirdly, people contact me when they suspect, or have been told by their pest control company, that they either have or may have termite activity. I use the latest infra-red thermal imaging equipment to literally see through walls and floors to detect termite colonies, and signs of past activity, including damage that may be invisible to the naked eye.

Should I get a building and pest inspection and is it important to get one done when you buy a property?


Buying your home or investment property is likely to be the biggest financial investment we make in our life. We save for years for our deposit and can look for months for the house in the perfect location. Some people are impractical and would prefer to save a couple hours and a few hundred dollars and walk into a home that could literally fall down around them and those that they love.

Termites cause disastrous damage undetected by most damaging the structural integrity of the whole building before you even learn of there presence. The average repair cost from these miniatures pests damage to a house in Australia is $26,000. Sometimes the affects of these creatures are so disastrous the building needs to removed and started over. Structural problems are also rarely identified without a professional eye. These can cause huge financial strain and re-mortgaging. So when you start completing your due diligence your first thought should be to employ the services of a Building and Pest Inspector. You can trust in a professional to provide you a report that can arm you with a negotiating tool to reduce the contract price or the possibility to get out of the contract.

Sellers can also take advantage of a Building and Pest Inspection so on there first open home they have a clear report the buyers can read and understand there risk. This can often proceed to a quick settlement. A building and pest inspection is something that can really benefit the Seller the Buyer and all that are involved. Removing the doubts in the whole process.

how much does it cost?.

A small investment of between $350 - $680. This is dependent on where the house or unit is located, The size of the property, slope of the block and roof size. You will learn the truth about the house and whether its something you want to negotiate or run away from. Recently a friend called Brian put a contract on a Property in Brisbane, Rochedale area he had put a 14 day due diligence clause but was not going to get a building and pest inspection done because the property was only 7 years old. We convinced him it would be a good idea. The property was found to have a severe drainage concern with water flowing into the property every heavy down poor. This had affected all the tiles on the ground floor and had caused substantial damage. When we investigated it was revealed this was the reason the Vendor was selling. Brian was able to negotiate $40,000 off the contract which was enough to fix the effects and to stop it from happening again. The Vendor was happy she moved to the sunshine coast with her grown up children. It really does payoff to get a professional in I can only imagine the financial strain Brian would have had if he needed to pay for this on top of the mortgage. Brian said "getting a building and pest inspection was the best decision I have made my wife would have crucified me if downstairs was flooded each time it rained it really is a MUST to complete a building and pest inspection

Who Should perform a building and Pest Inspection?.

The inspector must be qualified as licensed builder, surveyor or architect, The format of there inspection must comply with Australian Standard (AS 4349.1). They should carry insurance of Public Indemnity and Public Liability. ABBB meet those requirements and will be able to provide a professional report that we can walk you through so you can make an informed decision on your big purchase.
I have been a memeber of the Association of Building Consultants since the organisation was formed.

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